Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Bowl Full of Cherries

Tea Time with A Fifties Flare

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This cherry tablecloth in my linen stash reminds me of my childhood at my Grandmother Belva's house - in her kitchen of course.  Breakfast on Saturday mornings at the little kitchen table - always with some kind of tablecloth.  I remember red and white checks mostly but this one is close enough.

The Jadeite china was not from my Grandmother Belva's china  - I bought it myself at an antique store in Hillsboro, NC many years ago when I first started collecting.  I don't think I ever bought any more jadeite - but I love it!  The large blooms are Mister Lincoln and Clouds of Glory from my rose garden which is in the background.

It is all about the roses!

Hand painted china pitchers and bud vases are something I also seek out at Antique stores and Flea Markets.  Again, I probably fell in love with china pitchers while dusting the little shelves of my Grandmother's miniature tea pitcher collection.  Not one photo exists of it so I cannot share it here.  It is in my memory.  She "allowed me" to dust it carefully when I came over to stay or visit.  Sadly, I don't know what happened to it after she went to a nursing home.

My husband is the real green thumb in the family - I have to seriously work at growing these roses - and right now - some yellow leaves along the bottoms are making me crazy!!  I spray for prevention of blackspot on a regular basis and for insects if I suspect any bad ones - this week is a no spray for insects week.  Everything but the roses are grown by my husband, Mike.  He comes from a long line of green thumbs!

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

In Full Bloom

My new little rose garden is in full bloom.  For some roses - that means 2 blooms open and for others at least 5 or 6.  I can make small bouquets in the house - which was my goal! Enjoy these pictures I took yesterday and this morning.  I am very pleased!!

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First - a mosaic from my visit to Versailles with my daughter, Melissa a few years ago.  May makes me think of Paris


Monday, May 23, 2016

Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday in our Rose Garden

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Tea Time in My Garden using lawn furniture with antique linens on the round table.  Fruit and Tea on the menu

These tea cups and saucers were purchased on one of my many outings shopping in North Carolina Antique stores.  I think I found these in Selma.  I love the pink backgrounds the most.  One has butterflies and they are in excellent condition.  The shapes are very functional and pleasing to the eye as well - not clunky or awkward.  A classic shape.

The orange rose is Anna's Promise - one of the new Downton Abbey roses from Weeks

Purple clematis adds a soft touch, don't you think?

flowers in our fountain


I hope you all have a great weekend wherever you are 

My Peach Drift Rose Bed

Carding Mill

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tea Time

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I was invited to Bernideen's Tea in the Garden party last week after joining her weekly linking party on Mondays, Bernideens tea time, cottage and garden and enjoyed taking the pictures and reading and looking at everyone else's blogs that linked also.  I had a little problem with my blogger yesterday.  It would not let me upload any photos.  A message kept coming up telling me to check back later - and that went on into the night.  This morning, it is working again so even though I am late to the party (literally) I will attempt to post the pictures from my photoshoot for tea this past Saturday when the weather was glorious for taking photos.  I hope you enjoy and thank you for coming to look at my blog!  Roses are everywhere right now!

I must start out with this most beautiful rose in my garden.  I actually planted this rose garden because I fell in love with pictures of this particular rose.  It is the David Austin Carding Mill.  The cupped shape, dark apricot to pale apricot/pink petals and the way it is shaped is just perfect to me.  I have made it my blog header as a result of this beautiful bloom.  What do you think?

An antique teacup from my collection - I have always loved them since my Grandmother Diffee had one on her dressing table at her house while I was growing up.  It had a stand and was one of her favorite things.  I would touch it gently and always went into the "back bedroom" to look at it each time I visited,which was every weekend.

Carding Mill rose again - in bud stages.  The rain from Friday night left all these droplets.  The raindrop song is in my head now.....

Anna's Promise - the new rose from the Downton Abbey collection from Weeks roses.  I love it - it is a grandiflora and started out with a bang this week.  The color of orange is very pure - reminds me of orange sherbet - not a bad thing?

tangerines and tea

The Rose Garden still sporting the Easter pinwheels - I cannot take them down because I love seeing them spin.  Pretty sure the phase will wear off soon - as we say in the South - It's a little bit tacky.

This is Olivia Rose Austin peeking out.  She is almost finished for the first flush blooming

The purple clematis (I'm sorry I do not have the correct name) is blooming profusely.  I am trying to train it to go over the fence to the other side with green stakes .  I think it is working!

Here is Anna's Promise in the corner and The Alnwick blooming beside it - The Alnwick is another of my favorites.  

Roses and a Perfect Day

Roses and a perfect day

Who could ask for a more perfect day?  Sunday, May 15th in ENC (Eastern NC) was nearly that?

Not a cloud was in the sky - seriously - and the breeze and temperature were perfect for staying outside all day.  The only insects were friendly bees and a few wasps and innocent flies.  No butterflies yet - even though we did see some in the earlier part of Spring.  The temperature was hovering at 70 all day.

I used this beautiful day to spend time with my 85 year old Mother on the patio, along with my two poodles and my husband.  Of course, Mike and I were busy the whole time doing either yard work or something.  I decided to cut out the quilt pieces from the fabric collection I bought nearly two years ago on the patio round table.  Maybe I'll get it put together this week! We played ball, pruned lightly, walked, and did everything possible to stay outside because we all know the humidity and stifling heat of summer is just around the corner.  What a day!

A few pictures from Sunday, May 15th - the most perfect day I can remember weather wise...

Friday, May 13, 2016

Roses in Bloom

June 22nd Bud Report

This week I have these roses blooming.  Enjoy!

Crimson Bouquet

Jude The Obscure

Olivia Rose Austin

Olivia Rose Austin

Olivia again

Orchid Romance

Queen Elizabeth