Tuesday, December 6, 2016

December At Rivercrest

The roses are all dormant now - leaves green and some with blackspot or something that looks a lot like it!  My husband assures me it's Fall and they are supposed to die and fall off.  They are "supposed" to look like that!  OK - I will hope they don't need spraying .....

Here are a few arrangements I made with what is blooming and growing around our yard right now.  Camellias and Nandina with some holly in between.

Happy Holidays everyone!  I hope you have some snow where you are - it will not happen here!

A new Swiss Cow creamer I recently purchased at one of my favorite antique shops , Vignette - at the Antique shops at Susannahs - in Raleigh, NC.  Everyone should visit this many buildings that used to be a car mechanic's shops - now antique village.

Nandina and camellias in my red vase from Seagrove, NC - home of many pottery studios/kilns.  This time of year the potters will have open house in their home studios - I used to make pots - I have a ceramics minor from East Carolina University.

Romeo on the left and Coco on the right - their nap spot when they think I'm going out somewhere.

vintage Roses bud vase with a camellia