Photo Gallery of Rose Garden Building Process

A view of the whole rose garden area.  It will be from the holly tree toward the driveway, extending into the yard a few feet.  There will be a trellis attached to the brick wall for two climbers to grow onto.  The birdhouse will be moved further into the yard and there is a clematis growing in that location.  We will not move it as it is very beautiful and established.

Unfortunately, the holly has to go.  We are having it cut down this weekend.  I'll document with pictures as we go.

here is the view from our paved driveway.  We are building a fence that curves from the garage side downward toward the birdhouse using wooden fenceposts like the fence in our backyard courtyard.

This is the site of the new rose garden - the southeastern side of the garage.  It receives morning as well as afternoon sun with shade at the end of the day. 
This corner will be widened as well as extended toward the side yard to accommodate about 3 rows of rose bushes.  Th e birdhouse with the lattice is covered in spring by a very healthy 5 year old clematis.  We are not going to dig it up - but will move the birdhouse and leave a lattice for the clematis to climb on

Today Kevin and his team cut down the holly tree, pulled out the pittosporum bush and it's very deep roots and my husband, Mike, armed with a  post hole digger, dug holes and set the posts into concrete - for my climber pergola.  He also moved the birdhouse and we bought a metal trellis for the huge clematis that seems to be doing great so far.

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