Saturday, April 8, 2017

Pinwheels and Romeo barking

Here is a link to a short video I made today of my pinwheels blowing in the breezy garden.  I hope you enjoy it!


Spring Garden Photos

Johnny Jumping Up!!

My husband, Mike, the brains and green thumb in the family

I love Pinwheels!!

The Charleston Style Garden, all cleaned out from winter overgrowth - thanks to Mike, of course

The Rose Garden after cleaning out, mulching, fertilizing, etc.  It is growing well

My brother, Scott, enjoying Spring weather - visiting us from Canada and my husband, Mike planting in the background 

See the Ballerina climber at the front edge of the white fence.  It is doing so great - lots of blooms ready to open in the next week or so.
Mermaid climber and Largo climber among the iris and a pink knockout rose in front of the trellis. Mike added some strong cedar limbs which he recently trimmed from our cedar tree as more growing support for the climbers.  The smell is strong and just wonderful!

Our beautiful Ballerina bush climbing over the top this year - cannot wait to see it at the middle of summer!  Tulips, Johnny Jump Ups and the big red hose.

The Blaze climber - deer fodder last year - but I am fighting already with Liquid Fence spray and another repellent .  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Graham Thomas climber - not enough sun :(

The Clematis at our little garden house.  One of the oldest plants in our yard - the first to bloom every year!

My Hellebores, Lenten Roses are still looking great - started blooming in January!

Spring Is Here - and so are the aphids!

Here are a few pictures of my yard and roses as of this past week.  Spring sprung - froze - then sprung again here in Eastern North Carolina.  Typical....
Roses are growing great - looking great.  The climbers are budding like crazy -
 well - not the Mermaid - but wow - is she getting stronger and taller - just amazing.  I think she will live up to everything I have read about her.
 She WILL take over the trellis she is toppling over even now - and the Largo climber beside her.
My Graham Thomas continues to struggle on a fence at the back of our little courtyard.  I think lack of 5 hours of sun is truly the culprit.  We may have to move it halfway through the summer if it does not perform by end of June.
Enjoy these pictures and as always - leave a comment so that I know you were here - have a great Spring wherever you are!
Our 8 year old poodle, Coco, loves the sun and sitting in the dirt!


My brother, Scott, took this picture of our azalea hedge

Another picture by my brother, Scott

Another by Scott

our beautiful dogwood in our front yard - blooming and no disease!