Dappled Sunlit Tea Time

Today I am sharing with you all a beautiful set of china - from China of course.  This is a teapot with one of my teacups and saucers from the collection.  It was my husband's Aunt's.  She and her husband lived in San Francisco for most of their lives and had quite a collection of Chinese prints, china and some pieces of furniture.  Maybe I will do a photoshoot of some of the prints at another time.

I hope you enjoy the dappled sunlight in the dining room at this time of day - early in the morning.  The table is also special - it was black with aged stain for many years.  We decided last year to paint it white and distress it a little.  I love library tables and this one was my Great Grandmother's from Ophir, NC - in Montgomery County.

The Crystal bowl is so fantastic with the sun shining on it isn't it?

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