Wednesday, May 9, 2018

May is here!! Roses are in bloom!

Finally!  Roses in bloom in my garden!  The blooms are the largest I have ever had.  It might be the new fertilizer or the hard winter, or just this perfect spring weather.  Whatever it is - I'll take it!  Enjoy  my photo bombing!

David Austin Carding Mill

David Austin Olivia Rose Austin

Olivia Rose Austin

MaCartney rose

The Alnwick rose (David Austin)

Ballerina climber and The Alnwick (apricot) rose in garden

Ballerina climber

Ballerina Rose

Peggy Martin climbing rose

Carding Mill rose

Carding Mill rose

Rose Garden Guard Dogs, Romeo and Coco

Thursday, January 4, 2018

January In Rivercrest

It's been too long.  Welcome back to the Rivercrest Rose Garden!

Our birds this Fall and Winter have been very active.  We feed them very well at several bird feeders throughout our back and side yard.  Water fountains and bird baths are strategically placed near the feeders also.  My husband purchased a new camera recently with zoom and special lenses just because we love to take pictures of our birds.  I hope you enjoy some of these since the roses are all dormant right now!

male Cardinal

House Finches

House Finch

Thursday, June 29, 2017

June in Rivercrest

Welcome to all my blogging friends!

It's so easy to find something to blog about in summer when all our flowers and plants are blooming in profusion.  This summer has been particularly wonderful in Eastern North Carolina due to low humidity and a great late afternoon temperature - perfect for sitting on the swing on our patio watching birds and listening to them sing.

Birds are the feature in our garden this year - self made feature!  We have identified many and they have had babies in the thicket, our birdhouses and continue to procreate as I speak!  Baby birds singing overcome all other sounds - save the teenager and his motorbike on the next street over!

Please enjoy some pictures, videos and comments in the next few days here in the Rivercrest Garden.


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

May Roses in our Garden

Here are a few photos of our roses blooming in our garden/yard right now.  The Olivia Rose Austin has been blooming steadily for a month and is still not finished!  


Mr. Lincoln

Huntington Rose

Monday, April 24, 2017

A Spring walk in Charleston

A Spring Walk In Charleston

Click on the link above to see a picture story of our walk in Charleston last Friday, April 21 - It was an absolutely perfect spring day - almost too hot though!  I won't complain because the light and the breeze was just fabulous.  Not to mention the scent of Confederate Jasmine - which you see here all along the walls.  It totally filled the air and was so pretty!!  We were so fortunate to be there while it was blooming.  We may have missed the azaleas and the wisteria - but I think this was even more special!  Mike and Coco are in many of the pictures - and Romeo was on my arm.  The pictures aren't exactly the best - but I was hanging onto Romeo the whole time.