Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Beach Day Trip Excursion - warning - no roses!!

It's been awhile.....Hello!

Hello again everyone!  I've been watching my rose garden closely, but not too many blooms on the vines to report - therefore - very little picture taking!  Don't fret - there are enough to make a few bouquets (scant) for the house on a rotating basis - but just not flushes like the spring and June brought.

I thought I would report on our weekend day trip to Nags Head and Kitty Hawk, NC beaches and our great dinner at Ocean Boulevard restaurant in Kitty Hawk - overlooking the ocean peaking through the cottages beachfront.

Nags Head - Whalebone Junction - where the road to the beach forks- is only 2 hours from our house in Greenville, NC.  Living in Eastern NC does have a few perks!  Getting to Asheville is a little more driving time!  Day trips are a great way to get away, enjoy a walk on the beach and then have a great meal of local seafood at the many restaurants on the causeway or the beach roads.

Mike had a whole fish with shrimp, sautéed vegetables and some amazing sauce, pickled ginger on top

Mine is Red Snapper with vegetables, shrimp and an aioli sauce

Ocean Boulevard has been there for many years but is NOT your typical beach style fish house restaurant - it's gourmet!  Interesting homemade dishes with fish from local catches - and homemade desserts like the one we had (and I forgot to take a picture of!).  It was amazing!  Ice Cream with triangles of a cookie style shortcake with a tangy sweet lemon buttercream filling between the piled up triangles- wow!

Beach view of Ocean Boulevard Restaurant
Let's walk - sunset

More Beach Pictures?  Here ya go!

Surf's Up!!