Saturday, April 8, 2017

Spring Is Here - and so are the aphids!

Here are a few pictures of my yard and roses as of this past week.  Spring sprung - froze - then sprung again here in Eastern North Carolina.  Typical....
Roses are growing great - looking great.  The climbers are budding like crazy -
 well - not the Mermaid - but wow - is she getting stronger and taller - just amazing.  I think she will live up to everything I have read about her.
 She WILL take over the trellis she is toppling over even now - and the Largo climber beside her.
My Graham Thomas continues to struggle on a fence at the back of our little courtyard.  I think lack of 5 hours of sun is truly the culprit.  We may have to move it halfway through the summer if it does not perform by end of June.
Enjoy these pictures and as always - leave a comment so that I know you were here - have a great Spring wherever you are!
Our 8 year old poodle, Coco, loves the sun and sitting in the dirt!


My brother, Scott, took this picture of our azalea hedge

Another picture by my brother, Scott

Another by Scott

our beautiful dogwood in our front yard - blooming and no disease!

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