Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Rivercrest Rose Garden Story

Our love of roses is big.  Our success with growing roses is small.

We've had other rose gardens that succumbed to blackspot, neglect and deer.  This time - I am determined to be armed and successful.  This time - they will flourish!!

Basically - we will start the journey again, full speed ahead, this weekend.  We have ordered the roses from 3 suppliers, bare root and all.  We will have our friend who destroys trees and stumps come Saturday to remove the one tree - a beautiful 20 foot tall Ilex Opaca holly tree, from the middle of the new bed location.

The next thing we will do is dig holes for posts which will support a trellis close to the wall of the garage (southeast facing), which will support two or three climbing varieties of rose.  The posts will also be put into the ground to support an extension fence which will extend from the door of the garage out into the yard about 6 feet.  This will create a barrier to the driveway/parked cars in it and the front yard view.

Next we will prepare the soil in the new area which is now a pine straw bed for lilies and a large pittosporum with hosta plants here and there - and of course - that holly.

After that - the roses should be arriving and ready for planting.  We have a lot to do!

Here are a few pictures, shown above, of the side of the garage where we will plant the rose garden.  The little black fence will be the beginning of the garden.  Where the Adirondack chair is will stay the same as it is.  This small fenced in area is a protected area for my dogs to run and play (and poop) in.  My beautiful Roxy, the shitzu, passed away last August, when this picture was taken of her playing in the side yard.  Romeo and Coco are the 6 and 7 year old toy poodles - who rule that yard!

Progress pictures of the digging and planting will soon be shown here.

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