Monday, June 13, 2016

Beautiful June Days

Good Morning everyone!  Welcome to another beautiful day in Eastern North Carolina - seriously!  

Gardening today - it is fertilizing day around the rose garden.  Each rose gets a couple gallons of water mixed with Miracle Gro today.  I love to fertilize when the roses have finished their first blooming.  The bushes have new growth and new buds for the most part - some are slower than others, depending on when I planted them of course.

Here is a mosaic of the garden from pictures I took yesterday and this morning

We have great weather to garden today - not hot and muggy like yesterday!  I enjoyed being outside and caught a few more dappled sunlight pictures to share here.  The sky is clear and blue and nearly cloudless - no hazy humidity!  The roses love this dry kind of air - like in California.  It won't last long here in the South though - July is around the corner!

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