Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Gardening and Weeding and Growing

I will be linking with these lovely blogs today

In The Charleston Garden lots of ferns loving life

Candy Cane Lantana




Rabbit watching over the Charleston Garden

I travelled last weekend to the DC area for a great Dixie Chicks concert with my college roomie and her husband (and mine of course)  We had a totally packed weekend - museums, the National Botanical Garden and rose garden, Old Town Alexandria Farmer's Market.  I will be sharing pictures from that visit during this week as soon as I can find the time to add them!Enjoy!

We have a Yellow Warbler sitting on her eggs in the birdhouse right now

My other child, Romeo

I am so excited that my Plumeria cuttings sent to me from a Plumeria friend from Houzz.com's plumeria forum is really growing well!!  A little piece of Hawaii - someday maybe it will be a tree and have the beautiful flowers blooming from the top!!

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