Blooming and Bud Reports

Week of June 12th

Here is what is blooming today.  Most of the bushes in the actual rose garden have bloomed their first flush and are growing new buds - moving along quite well.  Because I planted some at different times there will always be roses blooming - just the way I like it since I love cutting them and bringing them inside!  I forget always to take pictures of the ones inside!  I will try to do better!

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Week of May 29th

This week has been very rainy and spotty sunlight.  My roses have some yellowing of the bottom leaves that, of course, is annoying me.  We have a spider mite outbreak on the nearby hibiscus - which I am fighting with a spinosad and insecticide spray.  I am not spraying the insecticide on the roses this week though.  This is a bit technical, but I hope some of my rosarian friends who read my blog will see it and possibly throw in their remedies/ideas.  I have sprayed a fungicide every 7 days since the bare root garden got it's first leaves and hope it continues to help keep blackspot, powdery mildew, etc. away!  Enjoy these pictures of what is blooming right now!

Lace Cascading and High Society climbers

Mister Lincoln (red), Gold Medal (yellow), Queen Elizabeth (pink), Pope John Paul II (furthest away - white) and the others are really too blurred to see.

Wildfire, Pope John Paul II, and Gemini

Dream Come True

Dick Clark

High Society

climbers, Golden Showers, Lace Cascading and High Society

Olivia again


The Alnwick
The Alnwick David Austin Rose

My Anna's Promise rose bush is blooming - but I think the buds were cold hurt in the spring freeze.

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  1. Welcome to FFF, Denise. Your garden looks wonderful. Some lovely roses in your photos!
    Many thanks for joining the Floral Friday Fotos meme, I look forward to your next contribution.


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