Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Bud Report April

Hi everyone,

How is Spring coming along in your neck of the woods - that's how we say it here in the South.  Some people don't really think of North Carolina as the South - but we are in accent and weather - believe me!  I don't really want this to be a political blog (ha) but I have to say - please don't judge me or my state by our idiotic Governor and House/Senate right now - this HB2 bill is totally embarrassing - and believe it or not - there are people in our state marching and protesting the bill.  I plan on joining in next week in at least one march - they are literally almost daily.  This will not last much longer - I predict.

Now, back to the rose garden.....here is some progress for this week!  I'm pretty happy besides a few yellow and sketchy black spot looking leaves.  Enjoy  and please leave a comment!

The first picture is from April 16th - the rose garden.

The next group are from April 22-24th - just look how much they grew when some warmer weather popped in - and then a full day of rain - which made the ground very soggy.  I had just watered thoroughly - not realizing we were going to get that much rain.  Some of the bushes suffered - with leaves turning yellow at the tips and some at the bottoms of the bushes turning full on yellow and I pulled them off.  I sprayed extra yesterday with a concoction of malathion and Daconil - changed it up for this time.  I have been spraying every 7 days with Bayer disease control - but it has no insect control.  I have spotted lots of aphids on our hibiscus which are planted all around our garden and some on the other side of the privacy fence Mike built for the roses.

April 16

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