Friday, April 8, 2016

Progress Report in the Rose Garden

Here are a few pictures showing the growth of our new roses.  We've had really great weather - some rain and lots of sunshine.  The only thing challenging has been one night below freezing and the frost did hurt a few leaves on two bushes - but not enough to cause damage to the canes.  I had them covered even though I know they are supposed to be able to take it.  Tomorrow night we will have 28 degree weather again and I will cover them along with all our other bedding plants recently planted in our gardens around the yard.

The copper wire is our electric fence to ward off deer at night

The clematis today has doubled from this photo a week ago

This is my 2 year old round garden of ground cover roses  (Drift roses) and they are really doing great this year  disease and bug free naturally!

My husband also built this trellis just for the Joseph's Coat climber - planted in the center of the bric box - he also cut back the bushes in the center - there is a large area in there for the rose to grow.  Its there too!!  I am spraying this area with Liquid fence to keep the deer away just in case they discover our outposts of climbers around the yard.

Our dogwood a week and a half ago - it is now bloomed out

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I see shoots!!  The McCartney rose bush was sent to me with these leaves on it - it is behind the bare root Mr. Lincoln

A view from the corner

our azalea hedge down the side of our yard - before the frost last Tuesday night

miniature rose that m husband picked up at Lowes and some snapdragons

I have 24 roses in this garden

Had to show this one shot of our pergola over the patio - the Wisteria is in bloom - we have white and lavender

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