Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Bowl Full of Cherries

Tea Time with A Fifties Flare

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This cherry tablecloth in my linen stash reminds me of my childhood at my Grandmother Belva's house - in her kitchen of course.  Breakfast on Saturday mornings at the little kitchen table - always with some kind of tablecloth.  I remember red and white checks mostly but this one is close enough.

The Jadeite china was not from my Grandmother Belva's china  - I bought it myself at an antique store in Hillsboro, NC many years ago when I first started collecting.  I don't think I ever bought any more jadeite - but I love it!  The large blooms are Mister Lincoln and Clouds of Glory from my rose garden which is in the background.

It is all about the roses!

Hand painted china pitchers and bud vases are something I also seek out at Antique stores and Flea Markets.  Again, I probably fell in love with china pitchers while dusting the little shelves of my Grandmother's miniature tea pitcher collection.  Not one photo exists of it so I cannot share it here.  It is in my memory.  She "allowed me" to dust it carefully when I came over to stay or visit.  Sadly, I don't know what happened to it after she went to a nursing home.

My husband is the real green thumb in the family - I have to seriously work at growing these roses - and right now - some yellow leaves along the bottoms are making me crazy!!  I spray for prevention of blackspot on a regular basis and for insects if I suspect any bad ones - this week is a no spray for insects week.  Everything but the roses are grown by my husband, Mike.  He comes from a long line of green thumbs!

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