Thursday, May 26, 2016

In Full Bloom

My new little rose garden is in full bloom.  For some roses - that means 2 blooms open and for others at least 5 or 6.  I can make small bouquets in the house - which was my goal! Enjoy these pictures I took yesterday and this morning.  I am very pleased!!

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First - a mosaic from my visit to Versailles with my daughter, Melissa a few years ago.  May makes me think of Paris

 Next is a mosaic of my garden surroundings with one of our poodles, Coco basking in the sun - her favorite thing to do.  The roses are Queen Elizabeth and Anna's Promise (coral one)

The next mosaic shows roses in bloom right now which are from left to right, row 1:  Dream Come True, Pope John Paul II, Queen Elizabeth.  Row 2:  Golden Showers climber, Lace Cascading climber, Dream Come True again.  Row 3:  The Alnwick, Wildfire and the last one is a garden shot.


Dream Come True

Mr. Lincoln



Jude The Obscure  - (side note - a background in Art History made me buy this rose!)


Mr. Lincoln

Jude again

Liv Tyler is peeking around from the back of the clematis near the fence  She's small but a beautiful soft shade of dark pink

climbers on Trellis - Lace Cascading and High Society

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