Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Roses and a Perfect Day

Roses and a perfect day

Who could ask for a more perfect day?  Sunday, May 15th in ENC (Eastern NC) was nearly that?

Not a cloud was in the sky - seriously - and the breeze and temperature were perfect for staying outside all day.  The only insects were friendly bees and a few wasps and innocent flies.  No butterflies yet - even though we did see some in the earlier part of Spring.  The temperature was hovering at 70 all day.

I used this beautiful day to spend time with my 85 year old Mother on the patio, along with my two poodles and my husband.  Of course, Mike and I were busy the whole time doing either yard work or something.  I decided to cut out the quilt pieces from the fabric collection I bought nearly two years ago on the patio round table.  Maybe I'll get it put together this week! We played ball, pruned lightly, walked, and did everything possible to stay outside because we all know the humidity and stifling heat of summer is just around the corner.  What a day!

A few pictures from Sunday, May 15th - the most perfect day I can remember weather wise...

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