Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tea Time

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I was invited to Bernideen's Tea in the Garden party last week after joining her weekly linking party on Mondays, Bernideens tea time, cottage and garden and enjoyed taking the pictures and reading and looking at everyone else's blogs that linked also.  I had a little problem with my blogger yesterday.  It would not let me upload any photos.  A message kept coming up telling me to check back later - and that went on into the night.  This morning, it is working again so even though I am late to the party (literally) I will attempt to post the pictures from my photoshoot for tea this past Saturday when the weather was glorious for taking photos.  I hope you enjoy and thank you for coming to look at my blog!  Roses are everywhere right now!

I must start out with this most beautiful rose in my garden.  I actually planted this rose garden because I fell in love with pictures of this particular rose.  It is the David Austin Carding Mill.  The cupped shape, dark apricot to pale apricot/pink petals and the way it is shaped is just perfect to me.  I have made it my blog header as a result of this beautiful bloom.  What do you think?

An antique teacup from my collection - I have always loved them since my Grandmother Diffee had one on her dressing table at her house while I was growing up.  It had a stand and was one of her favorite things.  I would touch it gently and always went into the "back bedroom" to look at it each time I visited,which was every weekend.

Carding Mill rose again - in bud stages.  The rain from Friday night left all these droplets.  The raindrop song is in my head now.....

Anna's Promise - the new rose from the Downton Abbey collection from Weeks roses.  I love it - it is a grandiflora and started out with a bang this week.  The color of orange is very pure - reminds me of orange sherbet - not a bad thing?

tangerines and tea

The Rose Garden still sporting the Easter pinwheels - I cannot take them down because I love seeing them spin.  Pretty sure the phase will wear off soon - as we say in the South - It's a little bit tacky.

This is Olivia Rose Austin peeking out.  She is almost finished for the first flush blooming

The purple clematis (I'm sorry I do not have the correct name) is blooming profusely.  I am trying to train it to go over the fence to the other side with green stakes .  I think it is working!

Here is Anna's Promise in the corner and The Alnwick blooming beside it - The Alnwick is another of my favorites.  

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